Anti-Counterfeiting summit

Jul 14, 2017

Anti-Counterfeiting summit

On June 1, 2017, we have attended the 9th Anti-counterfeiting and Content Summit – Tour 2017, which was held in the Four Seasons Hotel in Buenos Aires.

The main aim of this Summit was to debate on online counterfeiting  was to debate about online counterfeiting that infringes on Intellectual Property Rights – especially against Copyright and Related Rights – and to find methods to fight against it effectively.

Several panelists, executives of the audiovisual industry as well as experts in counterfeiting and representatives of regulatory bodies agreed that raising awareness, the renewal of laws and the union of all players in the industry are key elements to tackle the problem.

 There is no doubt that the unstoppable advance of the Internet and the growing development of new technologies facilitate a scenario for the propagation of many illicit in the intellectual property field.

The different exhibitors have understood that many times this problem is generated by the low costs and the speed in the access to the pirate contents by the users of all the ages and from anywhere in the world. From there becomes the need to create legal platforms to access movies, songs, books, television programs, etc., with lower costs and greater benefits for consumers.

It should be noted that Mr. Carlos Del Campo (Deputy Director of the Presidency of La Liga de Futbol Profesional) shared with the audience the good results achieved in Europe through a campaign to combat illegal content reproduction. La Liga has implemented a software that allows real-time search of Web sites that are illegally reproducing copyrighted material, and they have also achieved strong legislative reform.

There is no doubt that all parties involved – authors, entrepreneurs and users – must unite to combat counerfeiting, and should call on governments to create and implement more flexible measures that do not turn intellectual property rights into mere illusions.