Court Proceedings

Jul 3, 2015

Court Proceedings

In the event of failure to reach an agreement through out-of-court- proceedings, our firm has extensive knowledge on the matter with a Legal Department within our organization that specifically deals with starting legal actions to protect any Intellectual Property rights.

For instance, C.G.MATUTE & ASOCIADOS has vast experience with legal remedies, such as filing a request for an injunction to immediately stop infringement of a client´s rights throughout the national territory.  In addition, once the described court order has been served on the infringer, our attorneys move forward with a non-expedited infringement lawsuit [“juicio ordinario”] in addition to recover damages for the infringement caused by the infringer.

Also, our attorneys have vast experience in the prosecution of other legal actions, such as:

  • action for cease of opposition proceedings against registration of a trademark
  • cancellation actions for lack of use,
  • action against the Industrial Property Bureau for refusal to any trademark registration or patent
  • action for cancellation and/or annulment of a trademark/patent/industrial design registration that hinders grant of a client´s trademark or domain name.