Patents and Utility models

Dec 3, 2013

Patents and Utility models

Novelty, inventive ability and industrial application become the main features for an invention to be entitled to appropriate legal protection (20 years from filing of a patent application; no chance of renewal).  Juridical accuracy, strategic appropriateness, and industrial realism become values that our firm provides our clients in the protection of their patent rights in whatever field modern industry requires (chemistry, mechanics, electricity, pharmacy, and pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, etc.).

These contributions are supplemented by

  • browsing the Official Patent Gazette to enable a client to file an opposition proceeding to any new patent application that may interfere with a client´s right
  • national and international search for antecedents
  • writing of patent specifications carried out by our experts in every field, and
  • preparing appropriate formal drawings.

A Utility Model is “any new arrangement or form obtained or introduced in a tool, work instrument, utensil, device or any known object that serve a practical work as long as such new arrangement or form entail an improvement in such function to which they are designed”.  Novelty and an industrial character become essential requirements for a Utility Model to obtain proper legal protection.

C.G.MATUTE & ASOCIADOS work together with its clients in the assessment of the best juridical instruments to protect a client´s Utility Model by conducting a national and international search for antecedents, writing Utility Model specifications, and preparing relevant drawings.